Life Like Doll – Tips For Safety Use

slide-image-2The fact can’t be denied that life like dolls gained a huge popularity among many people for satisfying their sexual needs and meeting their various expectations. When you use sex doll with a proper care to care penis, a sex doll can definitely become a welcome addition to a man’s masturbatory routines.

A large number of men who prefer to use such doll rather than they simply masturbate using their hand because it provides them same excitements as intercourse. And most of the men also believe that health and also work on some issues like as premature ejaculation or also to enhance their important technique when they are in bed with a partner.

If you are a regular user of lifelike dolls, you need to explore following important safety tips and guidelines.

Always use lubricant – Though these dolls are designed for some penetrative exploration, there can certainly be a significant friction. You should always use a great form of lubrication that can protect your penis from wear and tear.

Always try pump – You should keep in mind that blowing up a full size sex doll can take a lot of your lung power. In this case, using an electric pump is safe.

Clean properly – Make sure you clean all important parts of doll after use, especially the areas of penetration.


One thought on “Life Like Doll – Tips For Safety Use

  1. I have a blow up doll now and only place I can put it is in her mouth. after I get done I put my tounge in her mouth and lick all my love juice out of her


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